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Benefit from a more personal, more available outsourced HR provider

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All the commitment without the cost

Get the personal attention of an internal HR consultant without the cost and wage commitment

Our services

We cover all areas of HR as an outsourced provider, including:

  • Mediation
  • Ongoing employee relations
  • Recruitment
  • Employment law
  • Internal HR
  • Consultancy
  • Employment tribunals
  • … and more. Get in touch for anything not on this list.

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HR Packages

Choose the right package for your business size and get all of your HR needs met easily

With all of these packages, we get to know your business on a personal level.

Bespoke Packages

Design a bespoke package to suit your business, needs and budget.

Arrangements to suit you

Create a bespoke service package to suit your business, including some or all of our services.

Contract us for support with a one-off project or to fulfill your ongoing needs.

Cost Saving Personal Support up to employment tribunal level

Unlike many HR businesses, we provide employment-litigation support through to employment tribunal level.

  • Stronger representation by professionals who know your business.
  • One integrated strategy designed by experienced employment-litigation representatives.
  • A smoother, less disruptive process.
  • Massive cost savings on solicitors.

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